Personal Injury Claims: How much is Pain and Suffering Worth?

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Personal Injury Claims: How much is Pain and Suffering Worth?

How Much Is My “Pain and Suffering” Worth?

One of the challenges that I face as a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa is explaining to people who have been seriously injured how much pain and suffering compensation they are entitled to. Every case is different. Calculating how much compensation an Ontario accident victim should receive for pain and suffering is also very challenging.

What are Pain and Suffering? Compensation that lawyers refer to as “non-pecuniary damages”. Most people refer to this type of damage as “pain and suffering”.

How Do Courts Calculate “Pain and Suffering”? Unfortunately, there is no specific answer for calculating pain and suffering. Each case is very unique. What a judge does when determining compensation for pain and suffering is evaluate how the personal injury has affected the victim’s ability to function in everyday life and how the injury has affected the person’s enjoyment of life. From there, compensation is calculated.

In other words, how have your injuries affected your normal day-to-day activities;  ability to work; and normal amenities of life? Your personal relationships? How do your injuries affect the way you interact with your friends and family? Your co-workers?

Maximum Award compensation for Pain and Suffering.  The Supreme Court of Canada has placed a limit on the amount of compensation that accident victims are entitled to receive for non-pecuniary damages for pain and suffering. To date, the maximum compensation is slightly more than $300,000.00.  The maximum amount is only paid to the most catastrophically injured victims (quadriplegic, paraplegic,  brain injury, etc..).

If you are considering a claim for compensation and live in Ontario, it is important to have an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer assisting you to collect all the necessary information you need to make a detailed claim. Which will, in turn,  help assess your damages claim for pain and suffering. The best lawyers can help ensure you prepare your case properly, in a manner that will show the courts the amount of pain and suffering you are living with and the need for maximum compensation for you not only today but for the rest of your life.

I have been representing victims of serious personal injuries for over 10  years, helping injured victims get maximum compensation for their injuries.

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