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Meet Phyllis Bergmans

Phyllis Bergmans has been dedicating herself to accident victims and their families since 2003 and joined our firm in 2006. To ensure our clients get all the support and compensation they need, Phyllis works closely with all of our lawyers, our clients, and their rehabilitative and medical teams to ensure our clients with injuries such as a brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other injuries are fully supported and on a road to recovery.

Phyllis is a highly educated Ontario Accident Benefits insurance claims specialist and a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional through the Insurance Institute of Canada. She also obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours Law) from Carleton University and her Masters in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University.

One of Ottawa’s most experienced in accident benefits claims and insurance compensation.

Phyllis Bergmans is one of the most experienced Ontario Accident Benefits insurance claims specialist in Ottawa and works tirelessly to advocate for our clients. One of the reasons Phyllis has become one of the top specialists is due to her background and knowledge of Ontario insurance legislation, as she worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years before joining our team. Since 1985, Phyllis has been mastering the ins and outs of Ontario insurance claims and knows how to maximize each Ontario Accident Benefits claim to it’s fullest.

Phyllis uses her prior experience to protect our clients’ rights and ensure they receive all supports needed and the maximum compensation. Our team can help you fill out all required OCF forms and ensure that the proper documentation is in place such as medical forms, police reports, Ontario Accident Benefit insurance forms, catastrophic injury claims, and other necessary forms needed for your personal injury lawsuit and Accident Benefits insurance claim.

Phyllis’ extensive experience with has helped thousands of accident victims and their families rebuild their lives after suffering an injury from an accident. With Phyllis’ prior Ontario accident benefits knowledge and our team, your insurance claim is in good hands.

Let us help you. Our team will ensure the highest level of service, support, and maximum compensation for your claim.

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You and your family have been through enough. Let us help you with your Ontario accident benefits insurance claim so you can start rebuilding your life.

Ontario Accident Benefits Insurance Claims include: 

  • Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits
  • Attendant Care Benefits
  • Income Replacement Benefits
  • Caregiver Benefits
  • Non-Earner Benefits
  • Visitation Expenses
  • Home Maintenance Expenses
  • Housekeeping Expenses
  • Case Manager services
  • Dependent Care Benefits
  • Lost Education Expenses
  • Damaged clothing Expenses
  • Death and Funeral Benefits

Phyllis is there for you every step of the way. It’s nice to know she is always there to answer any questions.

I would also like to stop and take the time to say thank you very much to David, yourself, and the team for helping me out during this crazy time in my life. You don’t know what this means to me and I am truly grateful.”

Our lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario. You don’t pay until you get paid.

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