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Like car accidents, bus accidents also happen.

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Sadly, Bus Accidents Happen Often and the Resulting Injuries Are Often Serious

Buses can collide with other cars or make sudden stops, resulting in passengers being thrown around. These types of accidents can leave passengers with scars, lacerations, burnsbroken boneswhiplash, and other potentially debilitating injuries.

When taking the bus to work, or putting your children on a school bus, you expect to get to your destination safely. Unfortunately, bus accidents happen more than you might think. Our personal injury lawyers have experience dealing with public transit such as OC Transpo and VIA Rail. If you have suffered an injury in a bus accident, we are here to help you.

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If you’ve been injured in a public transit accident, please contact our lawyers free of charge to discuss how we can help you get the compensation and care you need.  Our lawyers can also provide you with all the information and necessary documents.

Our lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario. You don’t pay until you get paid.

Our Ottawa bus accident lawyers help you seek damages from the operator or transit company.

Our personal injury team meets regularly with people who have been injured in a bus accident. Whether you are travelling from Orléans to Barrhaven or downtown Ottawa to Gatineau, there’s a good chance you will pass many OC Transpo buses, as they service close to 370 000 people each day on approximately 1,000 buses and three trains. Most bus accidents are caused by improper training, operator error, distracted driving, impairment, defective vehicles or equipment, and poor vehicle maintenance. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers can investigate the cause of your bus accident and help you seek Ontario Accident Benefits and damages from the operator or transit organization responsible and we can sue on your behalf.

We work with top medical professionals to diagnose the full extent of your injury. We care that you’re compensated for pain and suffering, lost income, and the expensive costs of medical treatment and ongoing health care.

What to do after an OC Transpo Bus Accident?

An OC Transpo bus accident is treated the same way as any other accident. If you have your own car insurance or live with a family member with auto insurance, you can apply for Ontario Accident Benefits if you have been injured in an OC Transpo bus accident. Through your Accident Benefits Insurance, you will be covered for services such as medical rehabilitation expenses, income replacement benefits, pain, and suffering and other related compensation to a maximum amount depending on your Ontario insurance policy.

If you do not have your own insurance policy, our lawyers can help you receive compensation and accident benefits through the City of Ottawa’s insurance policy on OC Transpo bus accidents. There is a requirement to give notice of a potential claim to the City of Ottawa within 120 days. Our Ottawa injury lawyers can guide you through the steps you need to take to put the City of Ottawa on notice and help you fill out the necessary OCF forms. If you wish, we can help you complete the OCF-1 form and submit it to the Clerk of the City of Ottawa on your behalf.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You should contact a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in a bus accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you to navigate and pursue a claim against the transit company.

If you are injured on a city bus or train, you should get medical help immediately. If you are able, take down the names of witnesses and take photos of the area and the scene.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, either the public transit vehicle, the driver of the public transit vehicle, or another other vehicle could possibly be at fault.

The more severe your injuries, the more compensation you should claim. It is best to consult with a lawyer to help you make this claim.

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