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We Too Are Parents and We Understand How Frightening It Is When Your Child Is Injured

As parents, we are never prepared for our children to be injured in an accident. We know you work hard to ensure your child’s safety. So when accidents happen, they’re hard to accept. We understand you may be overwhelmed with emotion and questions about how the accident occurred and whether it could’ve been prevented. It’s natural to feel angry, afraid, or guilty. You may even go through a wave of emotions and feel all of this. Our lawyers understand what you are going through and have been working with families whose children have suffered serious injuries since 1999.  We know how tough this is on your child and your entire family.

Your child’s injury is not your fault

We understand that nothing compares to the worry and guilt that consumes parents after their child is injured. To think you could’ve done something or should’ve been there to prevent your child’s injury is only human. Children are frequent victims of car accidents while crossing the street, walking to or home from school, riding bikes, as well as being passengers in vehicles. You need to know, this is not your fault. You need to focus on the future now and what you can now do to best help your child. We have helped hundreds of others and we can help you.

Our lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario. You don’t pay until you get paid.

Child injury claims and litigation guardians

In Ontario, the law is very complex when it comes to personal injury claims and child injuries. All child injury claims require a litigation guardian and all settlement offers for child injury must be approved in the best interests of the child. A minor (under the age of 18 years) will require a responsible adult to be his or her legal representative in a lawsuit. This is called a “litigation guardian”.  Any settlement of a claim made on behalf of a minor (under the age of 18 years) will be subject to Court approval. In other words, our courts want to ensure that any settlement for a minor is fair. Our lawyers have an excellent track record of helping families obtaining maximum financial compensation for their child’s injury, but we also ensure that our clients receive the best rehabilitation and help them develop a plan to ensure that they are taken care of in the years to come. We work closely with your child’s team including the child’s paediatric neurologists, neuro-psychologists, education specialists, teachers, caregivers, social workers, speech language pathologists, physicians, case managers and others. As a team, we can ensure the absolute best for your child.

Child head injuries

The most common injuries we see in children are head injuries. A child’s head injury can be a life-long injury and compensation and support needs to be properly calculated. Children and their families may require medical support and compensation throughout the course of their lifetime. It’s important that these child head injury claims are handled by highly experienced child injury lawyers. You can’t leave your child’s future to chance. Let our lawyers secure their future for you.

Defective products and child injury are another common cause of harm. Nursery and safety products like car seats, strollers, and helmets can malfunction; bunk beds, trampolines and other toys can pose risk of injury; and even poorly-maintained playgrounds lead to minor or severe child accidents.

If your child’s been injured in an accident, please contact us free of charge to discuss how we can help you get maximum support and compensation for your child and your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the injury was caused by negligence by the daycare provider, your child might be owed compensation for damages. The provider may be held responsible if they failed to provide proper supervision.

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have represented hundreds of children who have been injured in an accident. It's one of the areas we focus on and we understand how important it is to protect your child’s rights and ensure they are well taken care of.

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