7 Summer Safety Tips

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7 Summer Safety Tips

7 Summer Safety Tips

The summer is typically a busy season with lots of time dedicated to outdoor recreation, including time at the cottage, road tripping adventures, and much more. But with an increase in activity comes the increased risk of injury. To keep you and your family safe while enjoying the season, we’ve compiled a few of our top summer safety tips below as a reminder to have fun while still being cautious.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Before you head out on any road trip adventures, it’s always wise to have your vehicle serviced and maintained to stay safe. Get your mechanic to swap out your winter tires, top up all of the fluids, change the oil, and check your car battery. Keep some extra coolant fluid in your vehicle as well in case your engine starts to overheat during those hot summer days.

Repair Stairways

Our long and intense winter season can wreak havoc on our outdoor structures. Crumbling stairs, loose railings or broken interlock can lead to slip and fall injuries if they’re ignored. To avoid injury, take a walk around your property and pay close attention to any damage that may have occurred over the winter season. If you notice any wonky steps, railings or areas that could cause harm, have them repaired right away.

Trim Overhanging Branches

If you have any branches that are hanging over top of your property or vehicle, we recommend getting them trimmed back. Once the intense summer storms roll in, it could be all that’s needed to make them snap and land on your roof or car. By having them removed, you could avoid facing serious injuries or expensive repairs.

Inspect Water Equipment Before Using It

Whether you own a boat, canoe, kayak or some other form of watercraft, inspect it before taking it out on the water. You should always have the necessary safety equipment with you as well, including life jackets for everyone on board. Also, if you or someone has been consuming alcohol, it’s best to avoid being in or near the water.

Follow Outdoor Rules and Restrictions

If you plan on staying at any campsites, always follow the outlined rules and restrictions. This includes any restrictions about lighting a campfire. With fires becoming an increasing risk, it’s imperative to check for Restricted Fire Zones and abide by them if the area where you are camping is experiencing drought-like conditions. Ignoring these rules can lead to hefty fines, extensive damage, and serious injuries.

Only Swim in Designated Areas

The summer is all about spending as much time in or near the water, which is why it’s also one of the biggest risks during this time of year. In fact, Ontario reported 178 deaths due to drowning in 2012, in which the majority of the victims were men. To protect yourself and others, make sure to only swim in designated areas, never swim alone and never get in the water after consuming alcohol. If the water is deeper than 3 feet, wear a lifejacket and set a good example for others to follow.

Pay Attention When Crossing the Road

A simple but important point to remember is to look up and pay attention when crossing the road. With so many of us glued to our screens these days, it can be easy to step off the sidewalk and cross the road without even looking. Remember to stop, look for vehicles and cyclists, and stay alert when you’re navigating through the city.

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