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Back Injury Lawyer

Car accident results in back injury for accident victim. Ottawa lawyer fights for justice.
Granite installer in his mid-40s aggravates pre-existing back injury in car accident. David gets him more than $150,000 settlement and benefits.

Brain Injury Lawyer

Car accident results in compensation for brain injury. Ottawa lawyer specializing in personal injury fights for accident victims.
Man in his late 20s, not wearing his seatbelt, suffers car accident injury. His first lawyer was unable to get him $50,000 from other insurance company and told him he didn’t have much of a case.  Our client sought a second opinion and David settled his case for more than $800,000 from other driver’s insurance.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Lawyer helps uninsured catastrophically injured motorcyclist.
David helped uninsured Ottawa motorcycle accident victim involved in a single vehicle accident receive Ontario Accident Benefits and settled his Ontario Accident Benefits file for $1.25 million.

David helps catastrophic injury accident victim receive additional fees.
After 2 years of receiving Ontario Accident Benefits, David settled a catastrophic injury case for an additional $950 000.

Child Injury Lawyer

Child personal injury suffered from Kanata car accident.
A 9 year old boy ran into the street chasing after a ball and was struck by car, breaking his leg. The boy is back to all pre-accident activities. David Hollingsworth fought to receive a settlement and benefits worth over $140,000. for the boy and his family. The Accident Benefits file is still open.

Child accident on neighbour’s property. 17 year old boy suffers damage to the left eye and chemical burns after attending a neighbor’s party and suffering an injury. Our accident lawyers were able to help him get $275,000 in compensation.

Chronic Pain Injury Lawyer

Cornwall Car Accident- lawyer helps get compensation for Chronic Pain and Anxiety Disorder.
Cornwall woman suffered chronic pain and anxiety disorder from a Cornwall car accident. David settled the file, without having to go to court for $315, 000.

Woman in Metcalfe accident turns to Lawyer to get compensation for chronic neck pain and back pain.
David fought for a Metcalfe woman who was rear-ended in an Ottawa car accident and suffered from chronic neck pain, back pain, and headaches. David settled her file for $187 000.

Ottawa Car Accident results in serious personal injuries. Lawyer in Ottawa settles case.
Ottawa man suffered chronic neck pain, back pain, and psychological injuries in an Ottawa car accident. David settled his case for $220 000.

Ontario car accident leaves mother with serious injury. Personal injury lawyer in Ottawa settles case.
Single mother in early 30s, aggravates pre-existing chronic headaches and backaches in rear-end car accident. David settles claim against other driver’s insurance for $187,500.

Cycling Accident Lawyer

Ottawa cycling accident results in broken bones. Our Ottawa injury lawyers help young woman after a cycling accident that resulted in a fractured fibula and tibia. She received $55,000.00 in compensation.

Bone Fracture Injury Lawyer

Ottawa lawyer helps client receive compensation for a broken ankle from Brockville car accident.
34 year old woman with badly broken ankle in car accident. Received settlement in excess of $620,000.

Meltcalfe accident results in orthopedic Injury. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers settle file without going to court. Metcalfe woman in her 40s suffers pelvic fracture and T8 fracture. Accident benefits file settles quickly without going to court.

Insurance Company Dispute Lawyer

Insurance company denied his claim, Ottawa accident lawyer took the case and received excellent results for his client.
Landscaper lost equipment due to fire at his warehouse. After being made to feel like a criminal by his insurance company. David retrieved 100% of the losses due to the fire without commencing a lawsuit.

Pain and Suffering Settlement

Ottawa personal injury lawyer helps elderly lady with Ontario pain and suffering settlement.
Elderly woman was knocked over by a shopping cart at an Ottawa grocery store. Received settlement for $25,000.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Woman suffers personal injury from pedestrian accident. Ottawa accident lawyer settles case.
Unemployed woman, pedestrian accident, in her mid-50s was knocked down by a car. Suffers back injury, headaches, and psychological injury. David settles file for $320,000.

Ottawa Pedestrian struck by bus receives compensation for personal injuries. Ottawa Accident Lawyer settles case.
Ottawa Pedestrian struck by bus suffered multiple fractures: broken leg, broken hand and broken cheekbone. David helped him obtain $239 000 in compensation for his personal injuries.

Ottawa Pedestrian accident results in personal injury. Personal injury lawyer in Ottawa settles case successfully.
Man in mid 40s falls inside OC Transpo bus. David settles case for over 6 figures. Client was very happy.

PTSD Injury Lawyer

Ottawa car accident yields compensation for depression, PTSD and anxiety. Ottawa man suffers depression, PTSD and anxiety from Ottawa car accident and settles tort claim for $112,000.00 and his accident benefits file is still ongoing on a monthly basis.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Child accident and slip and fall injury at Ottawa Public School. Ottawa teenager slips and falls at local public school and suffers hip fracture.  Our Ottawa injury lawyers help her secure $90,000 in compensation.

Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer

Ottawa car accident results in soft tissue injury. Ottawa attorney helps receive compensation for her personal injury.
Federal government employee in her mid-60s suffers soft tissue injury in car accident. David obtains more than $300,000 settlement and benefits for her.

Whiplash Injury Lawyer

Arnprior accident yields compensation for whiplash Arnprior woman suffers whiplash and psychological issues from car accident and receives $125,000 in compensation and Ontario accident benefits file ongoing.

Ottawa attorney settles case from Ottawa car accident for over a quarter million dollars.
60 year old woman in car accident causing minor damage to her vehicle. Whiplash injury. Settled the file for $250,000. Accident Benefits file on going.

Ottawa car accident causes whiplash and chronic pain. Woman received $88,000 in compensation for her chronic pain and whiplash injuries resulting from Ottawa car accident.

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