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There are truck accidents in Ottawa and in Ontario everyday.

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If You’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident, Our Lawyers Can Help

Accidents happen in Ottawa every day, and when a truck is involved, those accidents often result in serious injuries and damage. If you’ve sustained an injury in a truck-related accident, our lawyers are ready to help you navigate the legal system.

Our goal is to secure fair financial compensation after your truck accident. Our team has helped thousands of others who have endured life-altering accidents, and we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the compensation you need.

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What Is a Truck Accident Claim?

A truck accident involves any transport-type vehicle, big or small, colliding with another vehicle that is typically smaller than it, such as a sedan.

Following the accident, you can file a claim with your car insurance company for no-fault accident benefits. However, these benefits will often not cover your damages completely.

As such, you should be prepared to bring your case to the civil court with a truck accident claim. To do this, your Ottawa personal injury lawyer will need to prove that you suffered your truck accident injuries due to somebody else’s misconduct or negligence.

Leading Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks must be driven by specially licensed drivers who must meet specific standards regarding safe practices and qualifications. Failing to meet these standards can lead to devastating accidents, with the most common causes including exceeding maximum weight requirements and careless or fatigued driving.

Truck accidents are often caused by negligence of one or more of the following parties:

  • Truck owners
  • Cargo loaders
  • Truck drivers
  • Auto parts manufacturers
  • Commercial truck technicians
  • Safety inspectors
  • Government agencies
  • Other third parties

Identifying the responsible party or parties and holding them accountable can be challenging and, therefore, requires the help of an experienced truck injury lawyer.

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What to Do if You Are in a Truck Accident

The injuries from a truck accident can be catastrophic and life-altering in nature. At David Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers, we have helped clients suffering from spinal cord damage, brain damage, and broken bones, among other injuries. If you or your loved one suffered injuries in a truck accident, acting quickly and documenting all the accident-related evidence is key to building a strong case:

  1. Check for injuries and move to a safe location if possible.
  2. Dial emergency services to report the accident and request medical assistance.
  3. Exchange contact, insurance, and vehicle information with the truck driver and other involved parties.
  4. Take photos and videos of the accident scene, the vehicle, road conditions, your injuries, or any other relevant details.
  5. Collect witness contact information if possible.
  6. File a police report.
  7. Even if you didn’t notice any injuries initially, seek medical evaluation as soon as possible to get examined for any hidden damage.
  8. Notify your vehicle insurance company and share all necessary details.
  9. Reach out to a truck injury lawyer like David Hollingsworth to discuss how you can pursue compensation for damages.
  10. Continue to pursue medical care as needed.

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Since commercial truck accidents involve so many individuals and entities responsible for the safety and operation of the vehicle, related claims are always complex and challenging. With a professional truck accident lawyer like David Hollingsworth on your side, our team will be able to conduct the appropriate investigation to reveal which parties should be held responsible for damages, collect the necessary evidence, and take your case to court.

Important Timelines

In Ontario, the timelines for gathering evidence and claiming compensation are tight. Missing important dates could impact your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries. When you call our team, We are aware of the timelines you are required to meet.

Our lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario. You don’t pay until you get paid.

Legal guidance and support.

When you’re facing physical and emotional trauma along with financial loss due to medical bills or loss of wages, we’re here to provide the legal guidance and support you need to get through it. Our personal injury lawyers also work with top medical professionals who will help report on your injury and provide you with the dedicated care and rehabilitation that you need.

No insurance? We can still help.

Even if you don’t have car insurance, our personal injury lawyers can still help you. Uninsured and underinsured drivers still have rights. Even if it was not your fault, it’s important you seek the guidance of an accident and injury lawyer. We will ensure you understand your rights and the benefits that you are entitled to.

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Why David Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers?

At David Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers, we have dedicated our practice to personal injury cases and have handled countless claims involving clients who have been injured in truck-related accidents.

With compassion and experience, our team of truck accident lawyers is committed to helping you or your loved ones navigate through the life-altering consequences of major truck collisions and receive the fair compensation you deserve. We will build a strong, successful case against at-fault drivers and trucking companies fighting for you or your loved one’s recovery from a traumatic collision. As a result, you will be able to receive a rightful compensation that will allow you to focus on getting better or caring for a family member who has been hurt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Injury claims payments vary depending on the severity of the injury. We consider claims for pain and suffering, income loss, loss of housekeeping and homemaking, the cost of care and treatment, losses sustained by family members, and other economic losses that you have, or will in the future, sustain.

Severity and permanency are the key factors that insurance companies use to calculate pain and suffering. Pain and suffering are assessed based on the injuries and their impact on your ability to function. Contact our personal injury lawyers for a more specific calculation.

When you are involved in an auto accident in Ontario, you are required to report at the collision centre closest to where the accident happened within 24 hours.

In a truck accident, various parties can be held liable, depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident. These may include: the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer and maintenance provider, and cargo loaders.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident, please contact us free of charge to discuss how we can help you get the compensation and care you need to enjoy a comfortable quality of life.

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