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Although train accidents are uncommon, they happen and results can be devastating. Whether it be an accident on an Ottawa O-Train, VIA Rail train accident or cargo train accident, our Ottawa train accident lawyers can help. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has reported a steady increase in the number of rail accidents over the last 10 years. There are many causes of train accidents ranging from loss of control, train derailment, mechanical failures, and distracted driving to name a few. There are also accidents while being a passenger on a train. Regardless of the circumstances, our Ottawa train accident lawyers have experience in hiring reconstruction experts, getting you the medical support you require, filing a train accident lawsuit, and we can help you.

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O-Train Accidents and Timelines

There are specific timelines that need to be met if your accident involved an O-Train or Ottawa Light Rail transit. When a municipality runs a transit system, they may be liable for your injuries, time off work, etc. Hiring an experienced train accident lawyer is important. Not only will they ensure all timelines are met, but they will also make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in an O-Train accident, contact our injury lawyers and we can walk you through the entire process and give you an idea of what to expect.

Who is Responsible for your Ottawa Train Accident?

Each train accident is unique and depending on the circumstances, there could be multiple individuals responsible – therefore several insurance companies involved. Our lawyers are experienced in analyzing who is responsible and to what percent they are responsible. This will help determine their contributions towards the compensation you will receive. The train companies are responsible for ensuring the train and track are safe but other drivers and vehicles are also responsible for obeying the laws and driving safely.

Let Us Help You With Your Ottawa Train Accident

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers understand how frightening a train accident can be. Let us help you get the compensation and support you need to let you get back to focusing on your life and your loved ones. Being involved in a train accident can be life-changing and we understand.

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