Ottawa accident results in soft tissue back injury.

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Ottawa accident results in soft tissue back injury.

Our lawyers are proud to help our clients and their families. Recently, our team helped a man who was suffering from soft tissue injuries.

Accident Scenario

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Our Ottawa personal injury team worked closely with “AA” to ensure he received maximum compensation for his injuries. AA was a 58-year-old man from Ottawa, Ontario. One day, he was driving his vehicle when suddenly his vehicle was T-boned by another vehicle.

Injuries Resulting From Accident

AA suffered soft tissue injuries to his lower back. Prior to this collision AA was involved in another motor vehicle accident several years prior and was suffering from chronic pain symptoms.

Compensation for soft tissue back Injury

After the mediation, our Ottawa injury lawyers were able to negotiate on our client’s behalf and the insurance company to settle without having to take the matter to trial. This was very good news for our client as he really did not want to drag out his case any longer and was happy that the matter was able to settle quickly and fairly. AA received $51,000.00 from the tort action. Our client also received accident benefits, including income replacement benefits and medical/rehab benefits. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers were also able to settle his accident benefits file for approximately $20,000.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries are typically categorized depending on the time frame of injury and the healing processes that are occurring at that time. The stages of a soft tissue injury are commonly referred to as:

1) Acute

2) Sub-Acute

3) Late-Stage

4) Chronic Phase

How Does Treatment Vary?

Depending on the nature of the injury, treatments will vary depending upon the severity of an injury.  A physiotherapist would be the best person to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries. Upon examination and diagnosis, a physiotherapist can determine the best plan for recovery and treatment of the soft tissue injury.

If you have been injured and are suffering from a soft tissue injury, you may feel like it will heal and eventually go away. It may or may not. Proper diagnosis and treatments will help with the healing process. It’s important you take a soft tissue injury seriously. You may require many, many physiotherapy appointments and these can add up.  Our personal injury lawyers can help you explain your rights and help get you compensation to cover things such as loss of income, physiotherapy appointments etc.  You owe it to yourself and your children to get informed.

* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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