How much compensation for a hit from behind accident?

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How much compensation for a hit from behind accident?


Accident Scenario:

Rear-end collisions or ” hit from behind accidents” are some of the most common types of accidents we see. In most cases, when a vehicle hits you from behind, it is usually them who is at fault. Very rarely will the driver who was hit be found at fault. The rationale behind this is that typically all drivers are supposed to leave enough room in front of their vehicle that allows for enough room for the driver to come to a complete stop should the vehicle in front of them suddenly need to brake and stop.  Our lawyers were contacted about an accident of this nature. Our client  “YT” was involved in a car accident that left her injured. YT was a 41-year-old mother of two children. One day she was driving her vehicle when suddenly she was hit from behind at approximately 50 km/h. You might not think 50km/hr is very fast; however, when a vehicle travelling at that speed hits another vehicle, the results can be devastating.

Injuries Resulting From Accident:

No two accidents are alike. Our client was involved in a serious accident that left her suffering from chronic pain in her neck, back and shoulder, post-concussive symptoms, major depression, anxiety and pain disorder. Thankfully, she was able to go back to work on a modified and part-time basis. Hopefully, over time, her injuries will continue to heal and she will be able to return to full-time work when she is ready.

Compensation for Injury:

Our lawyers are very experienced in personal injury law. After a mandatory mediation session, lawyer Denis Alisic was able to negotiate a favourable settlement with the insurance company in the amount of $240,000.00. This meant no trial and our client was able to receive compensation in a short amount of time. Currently, she continues to receive monthly medical and rehabilitation accident benefits from her insurance company.

If you have been injured in a “hit from behind” accident, you are likely not at fault. If this accident has caused you injuries, then you are likely in need of Accident Benefits such as medical and rehabilitation benefits and income replacement benefits. It’s important that you explore your options and make an informed decision. Our lawyers are available for FREE CONSULTATIONS if you are looking for advice and whether or not there is support and compensation available to you.

*Please note: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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