Ottawa accident results in compensation for soft tissue injury.

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Ottawa accident results in compensation for soft tissue injury.

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyer settle cases almost daily. Here is a case Denis Alisic recently settled for our client , without having had to go to court.

Ottawa Accident Scenario concussioninjury

Our Ottawa injury lawyers set out to help get our client what she needed: support and compensation for soft tissue injury. Our Ottawa injury team worked closely with “TP” following her accident. Our goal is to always  ensure all our clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries and TP was no different. . TP was a 43-year-old single woman from Ottawa, Ontario.  One day, she was driving her vehicle when suddenly she was rear ended.

Injuries Resulting From Accident

As a result of her accident, TP suffered soft tissues injuries to her neck and a head concussion. Unfortunately, her head concussion symptoms and neck pain did not resolve. She continued to experience sensitivities to light, noise and difficulties with attention and concentration. Despite her injuries, she was able to return to full time work as a teacher but with difficulties due to her symptoms.

A Soft tissue injury is known as the damage of muscles, ligaments and tendons throughout the body. Common soft tissue injuries usually occur from a sprain, strain, a one off blow resulting in a contusion or overuse of a particular part of the body. Many car accidents result in soft tissue injuries. Often times, soft tissue injuries can result in pain, swelling, bruising and loss of function. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers often meet with people who are suffering from a soft tissues injury.

Compensation for soft tissue injury

Although TP was able to resume her life, our Ottawa personal injury team knew that down the road our client may need compensation. There are some cases where soft tissues never completely heal and maximum compensation is needed . After private settlement conference, we were able to get the insurance company to settle. TP received $107,000 from the tort action and continues to receive monthly Ontario Accident Benefits to cover the costs for treatments related to her injuries.

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