Ontario, Ottawa slip and fall settlement / Ottawa Lawyer explains..

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Ontario, Ottawa slip and fall settlement / Ottawa Lawyer explains..

A slip-and-fall accident can happen any time of year

Even though mild weather is coming to Ottawa, slip-and-fall accidents still happen regularly.  The ice is melting and has a slick layer of water on top, which remains invisible to the pedestrian. In most instances, when you suffer from a slip and fall accident, property owners will often try to settle your accident claim out of court. An Ontario accident settlement offer may be presented as a lump amount or as a structured settlement with several payments spread out over time.

The weather may seem tamer than only a few weeks or months ago, but slip-and-fall accidents and incidents of personal injury still remain regular and unfortunate occurrences. The melting ice can often pose a danger to pedestrians who are unable to see the invisible and slippery layer of water over top.
If you have suffered from a personal injury such as a slip and fall, remember that several factors directly influence your prospects of successful settlement and the ability to secure and protect your most valued interests, such as the safety and security of your family and loved ones.

Are slip and fall accidents settled in court?

In Ontario, property owners will often attempt to settle your accident claim outside of court. Do not be fooled, as these offers are often lowball and do not offer you what you may rightfully deserve from the accident, to enable you to return to your pre-accident level of functioning and lifestyle.

An accident settlement offer can be in the form of a structured settlement with several payments over the course of a predetermined time frame, or simply a lump sum payment to you. Out-of-court settlements, such as on a business owner’s property, are usually lower than if the case proceeds to trial.

A good lawyer will ensure that your voice is heard, and your interests are protected. If you work with an inexperienced lawyer, you may lose your chance to get the maximum settlement offer you deserve. If an inexperienced or inattentive lawyer neglects the paperwork and administrative elements, this may literally expire your ability to follow through with successful legal action (limitation periods).
The complexity and unique nature of each case requires the careful attention of a lawyer who specializes in slip and fall and personal injury matters such as David Hollingsworth, who can help you to determine whether a settlement offer is fair or not, and to enable and empower you to achieve maximum support and compensation for your injury.

David Hollingsworth is dedicated to his clients and achieving a maximum settlement for physical or mental harm or personal injury caused by negligence and accidents. David has earned an outstanding reputation in the areas of Ontario personal injury and slip and fall accidents.

If you slip or fall on a business’s property, the settlement offer is usually lower than if the case goes to trial. A skilled lawyer with experience handling slip-and-fall accident cases similar to yours can help you determine what to expect. Each case is complex and requires a skilled personal injury lawyer to determine whether a settlement offer is fair or not. In most cases, it is not. Most Ottawa personal injury lawyers get paid out of the settlement (contingency fee) and will work hard to get you the maximum settlement.

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David Hollingsworth has been a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa since 1999. David dedicates himself to helping people who have been injured in an accident, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, LTD claims, Accident Benefits claims and more. David and his team work closely with their clients and their families and help rebuild lives, following a traumatic accident. To learn more about David Hollingsworth, view his full profile.