Maximum Compensation Ontario Accident Benefits: Ottawa Lawyer David Hollingsworth Shares…

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Maximum Compensation Ontario Accident Benefits: Ottawa Lawyer David Hollingsworth Shares…

Calculating Accident Benefits Compensation

What is the maximum amount of Accident Benefits Compensation?


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Experienced injury lawyers in Ottawa and Ontario can help you navigate your insurance claim and calculate your accident benefits. Among other things, you need to consider the type of damages you are entitled to. If the personal injury or the accident you have gone through has made you miss work, then you are most likely entitled to claim your lost wages or compensation, including long-term disability.

Lost wages, however, are among a variety of factors that need to be considered in the calculation of your accident benefits settlement. For example, you also need to consider any property damages incurred, family or social expenses, emotional or psychological trauma, as well as any medical expenses incurred due to your physical injury and trauma. A lawyer will have the experience to help you maximize your prospective accident benefits settlement.

Experienced lawyers have the knowledge, “know-how” and experience to help you calculate the highest amount of accident benefits compensation that you deserve. Your lawyer will make sure that you receive as much as possible, with the least amount of hassle. It is not wise for a victim of personal injury to attempt to manage his or her own claim. The potential to lose out on what you deserve is too high. Most important of all, however, is your physical and psychological health, which can be affected by the stress and fatigue of a legal battle on your own. Let an experienced lawyer help you to get what you rightfully deserve.


The “computation of settlement” is the percentage of fault. This is another important element of the legal process to consider. Basically, your lawyer will need to prove that 100% of the accident was caused by the negligence of the other accident victim. In some cases, however, the victim has played some part in the accident and if this is the case, each party is responsible for some percentage of fault. Your lawyer will ensure the protection of your interests to safeguard against losing what you deserve.


The fault percentage influences the ultimate “numbers” of the financial settlement. When the percentage of fault is settled, then it is possible to begin computation of the accident benefits settlement. For example, if the amount of damage, including disability, lost wages, and so, amounts to $1000 and the fault of the victim is 30%, then the accident settlement will be $700 (the $300 or the 30% would be deducted from the total damage since it would be deemed to be the fault of the victim). A top personal injury lawyer will be able to get you the least amount of fault percentage possible.


If you have suffered a personal injury as the result of an accident or if you know someone who is, it is best that you consult a personal injury lawyer as you are likely entitled to accident benefits that you are not currently receiving.

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