Injury award settlement amount and maximum compensation for dental injury.

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Injury award settlement amount and maximum compensation for dental injury.

Compensation for Dental Injury

Every accident is unique and our lawyers see many accident scenarios.  While many people have dental plans, not all dental injuries are covered and dental expenses can be very expensive.

Accident Scenario:Dental injury compensation

Our injury lawyers recently settled a case where a client was left unattended and fell off a table while being treated. Due to the fall, our client suffered both physically and emotionally. Our lawyers knew the huge impact these injuries would have
on our client both now and in the future.

Injuries Resulting From Accident: 

Our client suffered very serious personal injuries resulting from the accident, which included: a) Loss of front teeth; b) Laceration to upper gums; c) Head injury and facial trauma, including nasal fracture and eye injury, accompanied by swelling and pain; These injuries also brought on further injuries.  Our client developed anxiety from being left alone and some psychological injuries from the trauma of the accident.

Compensation For Dental Injury and Psychological Injury:

After tough negotiations, we were able to get the insurance company to settle without them having to go to court.  In a relatively short amount of time, we were able our client  $110,000.00 in compensation, as well as compensation for her parents, as these injuries directly impacted their lives as well.

Our Team Can Help You:

Since 1999, we have been building our team of dedicated  Ontario injury lawyers.  We all share the same philosophy: we really care about the well-being and future of our clients. We make ourselves available day and night for meetings, phone calls, email or texts.  Our lawyers are happy to provide you with free legal advice and help you and your family move forward with maximum compensation. We understand that you may not know where to start, our lawyers do. Whether you decide to pursue a case or not, it’s best you know your options so you can make an informed decision. You owe it to yourself and your family. For more information that relates to compensation for chronic pain and psychological injuries, visit our Psychological and Mental Injuries page.

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David Hollingsworth has been a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa since 1999. David dedicates himself to helping people who have been injured in an accident, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, LTD claims, Accident Benefits claims and more. David and his team work closely with their clients and their families and help rebuild lives, following a traumatic accident. To learn more about David Hollingsworth, view his full profile.