How our lawyers helped get maximum compensation for an elbow injury and other injuries.

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How our lawyers helped get maximum compensation for an elbow injury and other injuries.

Maximum Compensation for Elbow Injury

 Accident Scenario:

elbow injuryOur client was hit by a vehicle in a private parking lot. It wasn’t perfectly clear who was responsible for the accident. Despite this, we were able to obtain maximum compensation for her injuries that will help pay for future care, rehabilitation, medical expenses, and income losses, among other things.

Injuries Resulting From Accident:

Following the accident, our client was taken immediately to the hospital. She was discharged from the hospital with cuts and bruises and a sore elbow. She returned to the hospital as the pain in her elbow did not dissipate and learned that she had suffered a fractured elbow. She was eventually diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Her condition was not improving despite various treatments and interventions including physiotherapy. As a result of the accident, she was also experiencing psychological disorders and soft tissue injuries to her neck, back, and hips.

Compensation For Elbow Injury:

Early on in the litigation process, we were in disagreement with the insurance company about the amount of damages that was reasonable in the circumstances. We, nevertheless, believed in our client and understood that she was in pain which was affecting all aspects of her life. We had our client examined by several doctors who diagnosed that she was suffering from chronic pain and other injuries. We eventually settled her tort claim for approximately $700,000 all-inclusive on the tort side of the claim and then also settled the accident benefits side of the claim. This will, of course, never eliminate the pain but will assist in providing care and income in the future, and help her live life with these ongoing impairments.

Accident Benefits:

We fought tirelessly to have our client deemed catastrophic by her insurance company. This increased the amount of accident benefits that she was entitled to. We eventually settled her accident benefits claim for approximately an additional $800,000.

Our Injury Lawyers:

We stick by our clients during these very difficult times. We work hard to build trust and instill confidence in our clients allowing them to discuss matters openly and frankly with us. We build strong relationships with our clients which allows us to better understand their needs and requirements. Being injured in an accident can be devastating.  Our lawyers understand and care about what our clients are going through and we aim to help our clients in every way possible.

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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David Hollingsworth has been a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa since 1999. David dedicates himself to helping people who have been injured in an accident, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, LTD claims, Accident Benefits claims and more. David and his team work closely with their clients and their families and help rebuild lives, following a traumatic accident. To learn more about David Hollingsworth, view his full profile.