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It's important to choose the best personal injury lawyer for you

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Our lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario. You don’t pay until you get paid.

Choosing the best personal injury lawyer for you is an extremely important decision to make.

You have to choose an injury lawyer that you know you can trust and approach with any of your concerns. Our goal is to ensure that we are there for ALL our clients whenever they need us, we listen to what they need and we go after it for them. We make ourselves available by phone, email, text or in person. We build relationships with our clients and their families and become part of their lives. These relationships are important to us and to the success of your case. To ensure that our clients get top level service, we limit the number of cases each of our injury lawyers takes at one time. This ensures that every client receives personal and proper attention. We know that these are stressful times and sometimes all you need is a quick question answered. We understand that and we can help answer all your questions.

Our success rate speaks for itself

We have secured millions and millions of dollars for our personal injury clients.

Our clients are extremely satisfied not only with the maximum compensation we get them, but the level of fairness we offer when it comes to our fees. We understand that when you are injured in an accident, your life gets turned upside in an instant.

Suddenly, you are faced with a whole new and unexpected set of challenges and need to rely on others – often strangers, to assist you. We understand that for many people contacting a lawyer may seem stressful. We get it. We see our job as removing as many of the stresses and challenges right away.

An experienced lawyer removes the challenges of paperwork, we help you gain access to top medical and rehabilitation professionals, and we help remove many of the financial stresses that you face in these tough times.

We do not ask for any money upfront and we only get paid when we settle your case successfully. Our clients are so appreciative and often refer their friends and family to us. We pride ourselves on these relationships and our ties within the Ottawa and eastern Ontario community.

We have excellent reputations

Our team works hard and has earned excellent reputations as being some of the very best personal injury lawyers in eastern Ontario.

Other lawyers refer cases to us and we get praising referrals from past clients, insurance adjusters and lawyers throughout Canada (and in some cases the US).

We pride ourselves on providing our personal injury clients and their families with excellent service. We know Ontario personal injury law inside and out, have decades of experience and are some of the hardest working lawyers you will ever meet.

We are committed to excellence

We are experienced, constantly striving to keep abreast of any new developments in Ontario personal injury law and insurance claims.

We are actively involved in the latest professional developments and use our in depth knowledge to make sure our clients get the absolute best legal representation, which results in maximum compensation for your injuries.

Why choose our law firm ?

  • High success rate
  • Experienced
  • NO FEES until your claim has been successfully resolved
  • Honest and fair
  • Strong reputation
  • We get our referrals from other lawyers and past clients
  • Not afraid to fight for what’s right
  • Proven track record
  • Successfully helped thousands of people in Ontario
  • Bilingual lawyers
  • Lawyers speak many languages and we have a team of translators

We understand what you are going through, we care and our track record proves it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best personal injury lawyers have the experience as well as the ability to work well with others. This includes their staff, your insurance company, your rehabilitation team, judges and most importantly, you.

  • Do you specialize in personal injury?
  • What will your fees be for my case?
  • Do you think my case is a strong one?
  • How long do you think it will take for my case to settle?

You can expect that your personal injury case may have several steps including research, statement of claim, pleadings, mediation, discovery, settlement conference and possibly a trial (although rare).

A good personal injury lawyer will be professional, experienced, will have a good reputation and will specialize in accident cases.

We are lawyers who understand, who care, who are here to help… and our track record proves it.
We can’t change the past but we can help change your future.