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Personal Injury and Compensation for Fractures Resulting From an Accident

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Personal Injury and Compensation for Fractures Resulting From an Accident

Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth discusses Fractures and Personal Injury

For more than 10 years, David Hollingsworth has earned a reputation as one of Ottawa’s leading personal injury lawyers.

A bone fracture can occur in many ways, and can result in painful and invasive procedures in order to heal. There are instances where multiple bone fractures occur as a result of a trauma and serious accident. A fracture can vary in the length of time it takes to recover depending on age and what caused the fracture. Multiple bone fractures can mean that the bone was damaged in various areas and therefore require extensive medical procedures.

There are many cases where another person’s negligence was the cause of the fracture and in those cases the victim should not be held responsible. An Ottawa personal injury lawyer has the experience and knowledge to handle your case efficiently and will ensure that the insurance company of parties responsible pay the compensation for your personal injury.

Types of Fractures from Injury

There are many different types of fractures from injury that can result from a variety of accidents. These fractures require different treatments because they may range in severity and also depend on the age of the victim and what caused the fracture. Some examples of the types of fractures include:
• greenstick fracture
• transverse fracture
• oblique fracture
• comminuted fracture
• impacted fracture
• pathologic fracture
• stress fracture

These fractures from injury can occur as a result of the hazardous and neglectful situations. They can be the fault of a manufacturer, company, employer, supervisor, physician. Some specific examples of they types
of scenarios that cause fractures include:

Types of Trauma as it Relates to Accidents

• Bicycle accident
• Vehicle accident- car accident, snowmobile accident, boating accident etc..
Motorcycle accident
• Slip and fall accident
• Assault

When a fracture occurs it is important to take safety measures so the least amount of damage from injury occurs. If the fracture victim is older they will most likely take longer to heal, hence longer time in the hospital and a longer treatment plan. Younger victims may take a smaller amount of time to heal but the medical procedures can still be invasive and costly. For many adults there can be more inconveniences due to the injury, such as needing work compensation if their injury prevents them from completing their job tasks. Recovery time also depends on which bone suffers the fracture. In some cases metal plates, pins, screws, may be used to hold the bone in place.

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When you or a loved one suffers an injury such as a fracture, it may seem like a minor complication. Yet fractures are in fact a serious personal injury that can cause expensive consequences in medical bills, physical therapy and emotional distress. The individuals’ insurance company that is responsible for your personal injury should be held accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused you. Contacting an Ottawa personal injury lawyer about a fracture injury can be the first step in making sure you receive the treatment and compensation you deserve. Let David Hollingsworth, one of the best Ottawa personal injury lawyers in Ottawa help you get the compensation you need.

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