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Top Ottawa Injury Lawyer Reviews

Top Ottawa Injury Lawyer Reviews…Top Choice Award | Consumer Choice Award

There are plenty of Ottawa personal injury lawyers out there and ottawa injury lawyer reviews but our team knows that we are different from the rest.  In 2016, so far, we’ve been chosen as Top Injury Law Firs in Ottawa, Consumer Choice Award for Best Lawyer in Ottawa, Faces Award for Top Ottawa Lawyer, just to name a few…

Our Ottawa injury lawyers receive a lot of feedback from clients and we are happy to share this feedback with you in the hopes of you getting to our personal  injury team a little better. Here are just some of the feedback we’ve received lately..

Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews

“The team is outstanding in this field. They truly understands the needs of those who have suffered a loss as a result of an accident and will do what is in their power to ensure that clients are receiving the maximum compensation that is available” D.P.

“Mr. Hollingsworth is a dedicated personal injury lawyer who works hard to ensure his clients and their families are well taken care of in their time of need. He is a compassionate and caring individual who demonstrates these qualities in everything he does. “ K.N. 

“Because David Hollingsworth is a conscientious and dedicated injury lawyer and professional, he not only works hard at his law firm, but he also dedicates countless hours as a volunteer for his children’s sport teams. ” A.M.

“I feel they have personal attributes I would appreciate; approachable, courteous, direct, hardworking, focused. I believe they care about their clients and are fully prepared to represent them.” M.K.

Ottawa's Top Lawyer

“David Hollingsworth is intelligent, successful, capable, very hard working, caring, ethical- just to name a few of his attributes.” P.O.

” David and his team are dedicated to their clients . I have seen personally his hard work he does for his clients and how he has been able to help those in need after some terrible circumstances.” J.A

Our Ottawa injury team are proud of the work we do and the help we are able to get people. We appreciate all the kind words and feedback  at the end of the day.