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A reminder of changes to driving laws in Ontario.

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A reminder of changes to driving laws in Ontario.

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Our Ottawa injury lawyers hope you have enjoyed your summer.  As we head into the fall and see the kids back off to school, we thought we would remind you of a few very important recent changes to laws for Ontario drivers and pedestrians.

Changes to passing cyclists  

Drivers must give cyclists at least one metre of room wherever possible. This offence in Ontario could cost you $110 and two demerit points . Ottawa police say they’ll start enforcing the law shortly.

Dooring is also an area with newer rules and fines. In Ontario, motorists who open the door of their vehicle into the path of a cyclist without checking first will face increased set fines of $365 and three demerit points, if conviction.

Changes to distracted driving

Please remember that it’s not just about talking on your phone. In Ontario, you are not permitted to look at your phone, text or talk without hands-free on your phone when driving. In Ontario, the current penalty  for distracted driving is approximately $200 to an increased fine of $490 and 3 demerit points, if convicted. New drivers  with a  G1 or G2 license could also have their driving permits suspended on the spot.

Changes to pedestrian crossovers

In January of this year, new laws in Ontario came into effect when it comes to pedestrians and crosswalks. Ontario drivers now must wait until pedestrians have completely crossed the other side of road at crossovers and school crossings.  Before, drivers only needed to wait until a pedestrian had crossed their side of the road only. For more detailed information , visit

Changes to driving under the influence

Drinking and driving is not only only type of driving considered to be “under the influence” .  Ontario drivers caught driving under the influence of illegal drugs  now face the same penalties a someone who is considered a drunk driver.  Depending on how influenced a drivers is, the fines and penalties vary from a  3- 90 day suspension of one’s driver’s licence.

Changes to driving around emergency vehicles

Otherwise known as the “move over” law,  Ontario drivers will be required to slow down and move into the next lane over whenever passing  a stopped emergency vehicle such as police, ambulance, fire and tow trucks, when their lights are flashing and they are pulled over.   The fine in Ontario for not complying with these rules is $490 and three demerit points.

Be safe out there….


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