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Our Ottawa injury lawyers receive many calls asking about whiplash  every day from people asking me what compensation is available.  Unfortunately, there isn’t one clear “cookie-cutter” answer.  Yes, in Ontario, accident victims can receive compensation for whiplash.  The amount, however, will depend on a variety of variables such as the type and severity of personal injury. Overall, one of the most common personal injuries after a car accident is whiplash Whiplash is a non-medical term used to describe a range of injuries to the neck. Whiplash is caused by a sudden extension or flexing of the neck secondary to a high speed injury such as a car accident, which causes the soft-tissue of the neck to become strained and/or inflamed.

Which accidents cause whiplash ?

Even though  whiplash injuries generally occur from motor-vehicle accidents, they can occur from other sources as well.  I have encountered whiplash injuries from falls from bicycles, motorcycles, horses, and other high speed moving physical activities.  These injuries are serious in nature and must be paid important attention – please seek out help from your medical care team to determine your injuries and to ensure for your future health and mobility. Sometimes, one injury can change your life.

To ensure force of a neck injury exists. At this point, only a doctor is generally allowed to rule out the whiplash or neck injury; this could involve communication with the patient and x-ray type examinations.

In some situations and contexts, however, EMS is unable to arrive at the scene. Perhaps it is a foreign country or foreign environment where ambulances cannot service the area. As an Ontario personal injury lawyer, who has seen many accident victims suffer daily from serious pain from whiplash, I can sincerely attest to the extremely important and urgent need for professional medical attention. Do not downplay your personal injury! Do not diagnose yourself. Leave it to the professionals. By seeking diagnosis from a medical professional, the accident victim will not only receive proper medical care, they then have written documentation on the personal injury. This proves to be extremely important down the road.  The severity of a whiplash injury may not be evident right after the accident.  It may take days, weeks or months to truly manifest it-self. This documentation will likely be needed to prove to the insurance company that a serious personal injury was caused by the accident. It also shows that you are not taking the situation lightly.

What are the symptoms of whiplash injury ?

In terms of symptoms, whiplash injuries can be difficult to initially isolate because your feelings may be masked by general pain and injuries sustained in other areas of your body, such as headaches, back pain, and even memory loss. But some other common symptoms can include, however, general tenderness and pain around the base of your neck and difficulty for you to move your neck; muscle spasms can be felt in the neck and along the sides of your spinal column, pointed, shooting pain along your arms from the neck, and even partial paralysis. If you feel any of these symptoms, please do yourself a favour and seek the urgent medical attention that you need and deserve.

Compensation for whiplash

In addition to seeking medical attention, it is best to contact an Ontario personal injury lawyer that specializes in whiplash accidents.  Insurance companies can be extremely difficult to work with and often times ignore or downplay whiplash cases.  An experienced personal injury lawyer will understand what you are going through and the ”invisible” effects of your personal injury and trauma.  Top Ontario personal injury lawyers know how best to represent you and ensure you receive maximum compensation for not only what you have been through, but what you are going to be going through in the future with a whiplash injury. Whiplash injuries are a serious injury and should not be taken lightly.  Self-diagnosis is very dangerous and can lead to even more neck and back problems, if untreated.  Damage can be caused to your joints, vertebrae, and nerve roots, which if untreated, can have long-term effects.  Seek medical attention immediately after a car accident, even if it appears the neck is ok.  Ask for a written report from the doctor who examined your neck and give it to your personal injury lawyer, or they can order it for you and then best represent you with the  insurance company, allowing you to concentrate on your recovery, while your personal injury lawyer gets you maximum compensation.


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