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Ottawa Ontario Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer, Slip and Fall Compensation

Ottawa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Although our snow seems to have disappeared this weekend, it will be back and it will be back with a slipandfallaccidentvengeance. One of the major hazards of living in Ontario is dealing with large amounts of snow and ice. Every winter, people living in Ontario and specifically Ottawa, receive a heavy dose of  winter white wonderland. While the sight of falling and accumulating snow can be pretty, a slip and fall accident on  snow or ice can be very painful and may have life and implications on your health.

Many people in Ontario and Ottawa don’t realize that landlords and homeowners have the responsibility of clearing snow and ice to prevent slip and fall injuries, as best as reasonably possible. If a person suffers from a slip and fall accident  while walking on snow or ice that should have been cleared, the injured victim can sue for damages associated with that slip and fall accident in Ontario.

With all of the dangers associated with winter walking, driving and travel during the winter in Ontario, it is important to know what to do after a slip and fall accident in Ontario.

What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Ontario…

There are several steps that should be taken after an Ontario slip and fall accident.  Here is a brief overview:

Seek medical attention immediately: If the personal  injuries resulting from an Ontario slip and fall are serious, such as a brain injury or back injury and spinal cord injury, the victim should get immediate medical attention.

Note the scene of the accident: After a slip and fall accident where you have suffered serious personal injury, it is important to document the ground conditions. It is critical to remember whether the ground was snow covered, icy, uncleared or partially uncleared of snow, ice or other obstacles.

Gather evidence from the slip and fall accident: After a slip and fall accident in Ontario, gather evidence that include the slip and fall accident location , photos of the condition of the ground (use your phone), contact information of witnesses, such as names and phone numbers, and the landowner or homeowner where the Ontario slip and fall accident occurred.

Contact an experienced Ontario Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

An Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help an injured victim gather the best evidence, prepare the file  and  investigate who is responsible for the medical costs, personal injuries and lost wages after an Ontario  slip and fall accident in Ottawa.

After a serious Ontario slip and fall accident resulting in personal injury, it may be difficult to remember these crucial steps. If you are unable to gather evidence and report the slip and fall accident yourself, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer asap and have them help you so you can focus on your recovery from your slip and fall accident and they can work on getting you maximum compensation for your personal injuries.  You have been through enough, let an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer help you…


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