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Ontario Boating Accident: New laws, zero tolerance, applies to boats and canoes, Ottawa lawyers David Hollingsworth

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Ontario Boating Accident: New laws, zero tolerance, applies to boats and canoes, Ottawa lawyers David Hollingsworth

Ontario boating accident lawyer David Hollingsworth.

It has been a gorgeous long weekend.  I have had the pleasure of being at the cottage with my family and being on the water, teaching my kids to waterski.  Our lake, which is usually quite quiet has had boats and jetskis zipping around all weekend.  I say, great..but I will admit, it has been busy and somewhat stressful.  I can only imagine what it is like on the big lakes.  This is the weekend to be out on a boat.  Unfortunately, this also means there will be an increase in the number of Ontario boating accidents. A boating accident injury can result in serious personal injury, wrongful death, high financial difficulties due to medical bills, treatment, and any boat and property damage created by the boating accident. Yesterday, a new law came into effect stipulating anyone under 22 years old cannot drink  alcohol  and drive. That goes for boat operators, too. Even canoes. Boaters of all ages are encouraged to be more careful. Sadly, the Civic Holiday period is a weekend known for an increase in boating accidents. A reminder to all- you shouldn’t be drinking and boating. It’s no different than driving a car. Ontario drivers under 22 will soon be required to keep their blood alcohol levels at zero. The penalties are the same as for impaired driving: licence suspension and up to $500 in fines. Boating accidents occur largely because people downplay the dangers of boats. The boating accidents often occur because of negligence and can result in serious and deadly boating accident injuries.

Accident Statutes of Limitations

There are time limits and statute of limitations for filing a boating accident report, so protect yourself and contact an Ontario boating accident lawyer such as Ottawa injury lawyer David Hollingsworth asap. David Hollingsworth has been  a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa dedicated to helping accident victims receive all the compensation they need after an accident such as a boating. If you or a loved one has been injured or died as the result of an Ontario boating accident, you may be entitled to accident benefits you are not receiving.  As an Ottawa lawyer specializing in personal injury, David meets with people daily who have been seriously hurt and need help.  Visit my website at  or email [email protected] for more information and a free consultation. David  understand your needs and can help with your personal injury claim and other Ontario accident related issues. Call for a free consultation 613 978-9549 or visit

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